Techniques of Agriculture


With the new 8400R joining the 8R/8RT Series Tractors, you now have the option of getting a tractor that lets you up your horsepower for greater pulling capacity of your row-crop implements, but without changing machine form. We believe it’ll be a welcomed addition to your family, as well.


A multi-stage pump is a centrifugal pump with a series of impellers arranged in series. The water is thus pumped from one impeller to the next, and just as for pumps coupled in series, it is meant for larger pump heads. The two types, namely the ring profile and the cylinder types, differ from each other.

Grain Proceeding Machine

A Seed processing plant splits the natural product which comes from fields from the lean harvest. It also calibrates the product with desired sizes and processes 10 tons/hour input product with %95-97 purity. Whereby using Fotosorter output purity can reach up to %99.9.

Seeding Machine

Agriculture Seeding Equipment is for sowing germinated paddy seed directly in wetland field. There is no need for transplantation. It is a manually pulled implement. It covers 8 rows of 20cm row-to-row spacing at a time.

Agricultural Sprayers

We are counted amongst the foremost organizations, engaged in offering a broad range of Rechargeable Agricultural Sprayers. This sprayer is manufactured by our vendors with utmost precision using excellent.

Fertilizer Machinary

With wide producing capacity ranges from 5,000 to 200,000 tons/year, Our compound fertilizer production line is popular not only for fertilizer machine top quality but also rich nutrition that crop needs.